Ride with the carriage

Ride with the carriage


We invite you for a ride with a carriage in the surrounding hills of Odorheiu Secuiesc (Szekelyudvarhely), traveling through an authentic and picturesque rural route.


Itinerary: the ride starts in the village of Cadiseni (Kadicsfalva) and leads through the villages Tibod, Tamasu (Szenttamas) with a stop in a popular picnic spot of the people from this area, called Szejke Spa. Here we'll take a rest and visit the memorial of the most renowned Sekler, Balazs Orban (Sekler - majority Hungarian speaking ethnic group in the region).


Baile Szejke is also known for its mineral waters. On its territory can be found several water springs, from which the three most important are:

-         Szejke spring, with carbonated water, rich in Ca, used as table water.

-         Orbán Balázs spring, carbonated water with sulphurides, this is used for warm tube-baths in the local facility with 11 tubes for curative purposes.

-         Spring no. 3 with carbonated water, light sulphuride content, alkaline ions.

The waters of these springs are recommended for the following diseases: Gastro-intestinal diseases, Hepato-biliar diseases, Osteo-articulation diseases and Gynecological diseases.


As a relaxing event for the evening -on the request of the participants- a BBQ can be organized in the garden of the Horizont pension.



-         Carriage ride: 6 euro / person in small carriage (max 3 pers.), 4 euro / person in larger carriage (max. 10 persons)

-         BBQ: 6 euro / person

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